Heart of Onyx

My 1st Published Novel

The Dark Queen rises…

And her immortal enemies are preparing for the final battle…

But one force can stop her. The Evil Queen Luciana has conquered the kingdom of Radiancia forcing the princess and her servant to hide away, Selene, the once proud princess hides away as a mage is caught in the middle of the battle of the immortals. As Luciana and her nine Generals, now all dead and living only by her evil magic make their way looking for their immortal enemies that were once friends, Corbett, the thief, the immortal, leader of the good immortals, fights to find a way to destroy the evil that was once his friend and love. As they meet and fight, the truth must be told to break the curse and destroy the evil that plagues the world but a trap lies in wait. Should Corbett fail in his task, all of Radiencia will be doomed . . .


Heart of Onyx Excerpt

Heart of Onyx Crossword

Click for full sze

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