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She ran and ran Till her feet bled. The bridge was near And her love dead. Her heart was cold As she ran away. She knew he Was running after But she never looked back. Her cuts on her legs … Continue Reading Runaway©

Lives Entwined©

The pain was unbearable The torture Excruciating. She cried in anguish And pulled at her hair. The fire’s heat Scorched her. The tearing Cut her. Their lives were One. In pain life and death. Then she felt him Hug her … Continue Reading Lives Entwined©

Cuts of Sadness©

She clutched the knife And traced it upon her ribs. The cuts were long And wide. She stared at the blood soaked floor And wondered why no one came. If they truly cared They would come running though the door … Continue Reading Cuts of Sadness©

Lovers Dance©

She danced with him. Exotically. Her body moved like silk against HIS. Her hands circled his neck. And he rubbed her waist roughly. Their passion Made people look at them in envy. Their love caused great chaos. Their bodies Moved … Continue Reading Lovers Dance©

Loves Embrace©

She stared at him Across the classroom floor. His soft blue eyes Stared at the board. And his short blond hair Sat spiked and clean. She stared at him Till he looked over At her. She hid her face Behind … Continue Reading Loves Embrace©