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Lovers Dance©

She danced with him. Exotically. Her body moved like silk against HIS. Her hands circled his neck. And he rubbed her waist roughly. Their passion Made people look at them in envy. Their love caused great chaos. Their bodies Moved … Continue Reading Lovers Dance©

Loves Embrace©

She stared at him Across the classroom floor. His soft blue eyes Stared at the board. And his short blond hair Sat spiked and clean. She stared at him Till he looked over At her. She hid her face Behind … Continue Reading Loves Embrace©

Burning Passion©

She stared at him Her friend she loved So tenderly. She wanted to help him But did not know how. He stood at the ledge That overlooked the growing fire. She knew what he wanted Something she wanted. Too. Death … Continue Reading Burning Passion©

Her Dark Corner©

She cradled herself In her dark corner. Naked and wet from the rain. Bruised and cut The knife still wet From her blood. Her cuts are deep And her bruises were wide And all she could think about Was how … Continue Reading Her Dark Corner©

To the Darkness©

Up the stairs she ran To the Darkness that called her. Slipping and falling All over the stairs. 5 Her tears cascading everywhere Flooding the ground beneath her. Her cuts have not healed And her blood has turned the water … Continue Reading To the Darkness©