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Saddening News

In the past month there were two murder suicides. In the past year, more than there should be. Last Thanksgiving was a thanksgiving massacre in which few survived. My prayers go out to those who knew them this Thanksgiving. How … Continue Reading Saddening News


No longer could she look At the face in the mirror. It was all just a bad mistake She had deceived herself Into thinking it was justified. But now she knew better. No longer would she be that person Staring … Continue Reading Regrets©

22 Nov. Mon 3:40PM

Hey there readers! Weekend was uneventful. Kinda sucked actually. Most fun I had been reading at the bookstore. Hmm, oh well, at least it’s time for Thanksgiving can’t wait to stuff my face. Love Thanksgiving. Well anyway, considering my weekend … Continue Reading 22 Nov. Mon 3:40PM