Happy Friday the 13th©

Witches and ghost Flying high through the sky. The cracks in ground were saying HI HI. The darkness she loved Was her only friend. The cliffs were near And her time was at an end. Today she knew Was the day She could die. Friday the 13th Has come. She wanted to leave This would behind. As she walked She heard him call her name. And she looked at him. BYE BYE She waved As she fled from him. She stopped at []

Bloody Benevolence©

The drugs could no longer help her Fight who she was. The pain she held deep inside Clawed for and escape. She huddled in the corner Of her dark bed. She pushed everything away Except her cold knife. She traced the blade With her cold wet hands. Her phone rang once, Twice. She knew who it was And knew it was him. The love of her life. Again and again it rang Till it rang no longer. She knew he was coming. []

Looking Glass of Pain©

She stared at her reflection As it called her in. She wanted to enter Her glass of pain. She wanted and escape From everything she knew. She hated everything she saw And everyone she knew. Pain is what she used As her escape. The glass always welcomed her While cutting her, all the same. She wanted to die And knew the glass would Cut and cut Till she died. To her mind That was a most welcomed thought. She placed her hands []

Cuts of Sadness©

She clutched the knife And traced it upon her ribs. The cuts were long And wide. She stared at the blood soaked floor And wondered why no one came. If they truly cared They would come running though the door She waited and waited But no one came. She smiled weakly At the thought of her death. They would wear black. But not truly care. Suddenly she heard running From the stairs below. The door was thrown open And a shadow loomed []

The Ring of Solomon (A Bartimaeus Novel)

FANTASTIC READ! Such a brilliant novel,I couldn’t get enough of it! I practically devoured the book. Scourd is a masterful writer & I guarantee that you will love this book! Available wherever books are sold.

Blue Bloods (A Blue Bloods Novel)

Book One Brilliant and tantalizing!  The beginning was a bit slow, I will admit but once I started reading it I could not put it down.  I loved this book so much, I bought it during the Black Friday weekend and the next 3 books in the saga.  Can’t wait to read them all!! Available wherever books are sold.

ArchEnemy (Looking Glass Wars Trilogy Book 3)

An explosive good read! If you love Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ther eis no doubt that you will love this series where Alice is Alyss the Queen of Wonderland and imagination equals power. This book brings the series to a climatic end where unlikely and unwanted truce’s are made and where the end revelas the truth of imagination.  Action packed and full of adventure, you will not regret this read. Available wherever books are sold.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium Trilogy Book 1)

Milennium Trilogy Book 1 A brilliant and masterful book that will certainly keep you at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.  Listbith Salander is a character whom you can’t help but love and root for.  However troubled and dismal things may be for her and her partner Blomvkist, when things turn her way you will jump out of your seat with a “woot”. An exceptionally written book that will be a great read.  I give it a fair []

Let the Right One In

Swedish Cover John Ajvide Lindqvist has created a new spin on vampires while at the same time invoking some of the oold myths surrounding them. This book was a great and brillinat read, not something you would generally expect  and keeps you asking the questions “what?” “why?” and “how?”.  It was a riveting read that I recommend to all.   I will admit at some points the story gets a little slow, but those slow parts are part of the great masterpiece of intertwining storirs []

Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices Book 1)

  Infernal Device Book One A great and fantastic read.  the book is fast paced with yet lovley moments that let you see the depth and dark secrets of the characters. Cassandra Clare has no problem painting a world that will no dobt suck you in as it did me.   I give this book a top rating and insists you read it. Available wherever books are sold.