The Book of Spells (A Private Prequel)

A Private Prequel Kate Brian is such a great author. I never get tired of reading her novels. One of my favourite things about her is that she just writes, she doesn’t use filler words or go to into too much detail which makes reading some books exhausting. She just writes what’s in her heart and it’s plain to see. I loved this book, when I was done “I was like noooo way. I can’t be done, I want to read more.” It was a great book. I give it five stars. Available wherever books are sold.       … Continue reading The Book of Spells (A Private Prequel)


She could not tell From whence they came. Swiftly they were Blurry as the rain. Frightening they seemed For she could not tell What was real Or what was fake. In her disillusioned mind Not everything Was what it seemed Things that might have happened Or things that will Played in her head Slowly Quickly But never whole Fragments they were Blinding her. She could not tell What they were All she knew Was that they Frightened her. Faces blurry Words lost in the wind She could not tell What they were. She saw them awake She saw them in … Continue reading Visions©

23 Dec. Thu 3:30PM

Hey there active readers. I hope everyone has had a good day so far. Me, it’s been eh. So, so. In any case I just wanted to say something about how the Judicial System is handling Lindsey Lohan. Yeah, they need to stop giving her breaks and passes and send her to jail. Obviously this girl can get away with anything. She continues and continues to break her probation and what happens time after time, they keep allowing her to serve half her sentence and send he to rehab. I think we can all say that that is not helping. … Continue reading 23 Dec. Thu 3:30PM

Show’s Effect on Teen Pregnancy

So as it turns ever since the premiere of Sixteen & Pregnant, a recent study shows that there has been a drop in the Teen Pregnancy rates. When you think about it, it’s not all that surprising. Before when teens got pregnant they weren’t really thinking of the consequences. This show actually show’s the consequences of being a young teen mom and in school. Teens already have a lot to deal with, peer pressure, school, grades, classes volunteer work where it’s necessary to graduate, extra curricular activities for a good college application and the big one, college prep, and the … Continue reading Show’s Effect on Teen Pregnancy

10 Energy-Boosting Breakfast Foods

courtesy of & Katherine Kims of Bon Appétit Magazine The cure for your sluggish mornings could be as simple as a smart breakfast. This list will help you choose foods that will give you sustained energy, not a short blast then a mid-day crash. Think complex carbohydrates (whole grains), high fiber, high protein, and good fats. 1. Eggs Why –Rich in protein, eggs help prevent food cravings. How –Two to three eggs make for a satisfying scramble, omelet, or on-the-go snack when they’re hard-boiled. Add flavor and nutrients with fresh herbs and/or veggie. Nutritionist’s Tip –“Don’t forget the yolk,” … Continue reading 10 Energy-Boosting Breakfast Foods

Words Said©

Scared she shook Her fingers tingling Her heart racing Her big brown eyes Rimmed in tears. His anger Frightened her Made her look Beside herself. Made her buried anger Flare. She lashed back at him Her words like knives. Stabbing through the air Of the cold winter night. She had tried to help Her words had been filled With love And care. But now the words she said Were of A dark comfort She looked at herself Shocked and afraid. Those words had always Been on her mind She would often mutter At the lonely sky. She would often scream … Continue reading Words Said©

22 Dec. Wed 3:18PM

Hi there readers! Christmas time is almost here. My mom wrapped some more presents yesterday for me. I might need to collect some bail money lol. She goes a bit razy when she wraps present & I’m not allowed to rip the paper. Yeah, all you parents out there try it. I bet you you will have fun torturing your kids like that. Lol. My mom sure enjoys watching me struggle when I unwrap my presents. Woe onto my poor soul. Lol. About to make myself lunch and a second cup of coffee as well as type my book. Last … Continue reading 22 Dec. Wed 3:18PM

Natural (& Cheap) Facial Care

Most people think the more expensive it it the better. So not good if that’s how you work things are. Some of the best things are natural and cheap. All you really need is to use a system of trial and error. Whatever works for you may not work for everyone else. However, the natural stuff that I’m about to tell you is sure to work with every facial type. The great thing of natural stuff is that it fits to your skins needs. It’s not just for this one skin type. Best Exfoliate Eggplant dipped into Sea Salt. The antioxidants … Continue reading Natural (& Cheap) Facial Care


A single girl sat upon her wide sill And watched as they grey colored Zephyr’s come Upon bidding of their own self will Bringing with them holy grey cold bits from The South, the cold wet raging deadly winds Of their own skillful perfect creation And that of heir strong joyful playful kin In winds not carried was fragmentation. Different to the kin, cold and calm it blew Through the strong brown trunks of the green leafed trees As the Zephyr’s beat their strong wings and flew A lonely dark girl she was as she flees Ever so quietly so … Continue reading Zephyr©

21 Dec Tue 6:32PM

Hey there active readers. My poem Dark Lily is still getting in a lot of hits. It was always one of my favourites. I try to think back to when I was writing it, I was blowing off taking notes in my A. P. U.S. History Class and choose to write it. Still having trouble understanding how I passed that class in high school lol.Anyway yesterday I didn’t write anything because wasn’t feeling well at all. I hope everyone had a great weekend and a super cool great jump on the week. Christmas is this Friday, woohoo! I just finished … Continue reading 21 Dec Tue 6:32PM