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Week 34 2012 Pt. 2

Teen Titans #12 Armored Up & Out Ultimately, Cassie should end up with Tim. I know! I’m such a wishy-washy some times (don’t judge – I’m a chick). now that being said this is a geisha you. I really like the character development and I love kid flash. he simply an adorable character. it’s a great teen you have Kid Flash, Bunker & solstice who all balance each other out and then you have Red Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl who equally []

Tuesday Night TV (31 Jan 2012)

The beginning was sort of confusing.  I love Andrew though.  Sarah Michelle Gellar is still a great actress.  I still find a lot of things confusing.  Like what is the deal with Siobhan?  I really like Bridget, as a person she is way better than her sister.  I have to give props to Sarah Michelle Gellar, to be able to play a dual roles is simply brilliant.  I mean she’s playing herself and her twin sister, two people with two different personalities, []