Review/Recap Castle | ‘Child’s Play’ (Season 7, #4)

Castle does it again! Combining excellent moments of humor and police drama, this show continues to be as entertaining as its first season.

Monday Night TV (5 Nov 2012)

LMAO, Nathan Fillian said “that Josh Whedon show” which, fans should know is Firefly. What a way to start of this episode.   Oh my gosh, I mean, yeah, I’m one of those fans, like one of those fans who goes to those conventions and oh my god this was by far the best episode of the season!  it was totally geeky and cheesy and I highlighted all the intensity that goes with these fandoms, and it did it justly.  I loved []

Monday Night TV (29 Oct 2012)

Well, that certainly was an interesting episode of Castle.  In the beginning I thought that it was maybe his daughter and I was thinking “woah, what a great twist!”  I mean it would have been a great twist if his daughter turned into a psychopath serial killer.  That would be awesome!  Anyway, I liked how it was tied to a way earlier plot line as well as a the writing and dialogue for this movie.  So over all this was a very []

Monday Night TV (24 Sept 2012)

Hmm, well I was having second thoughts about this show, but this first episode had the spunk and the class that the first and second season and the third season lacked.  One can hope.  I mean it’s nice to see these two together finally, but I still feel like it’s a bit soon.  I actually enjoyed watching this show again.  It was humorous and witty, once again, well, not gonna lie, I would rather have a second season of Firefly than a []

Monday Night TV (7 May 2012)

For the love of god, enough with the Chuck and Blair love already!  It’s tiresome, old, and overplayed.  I am sick of it.  For the love of god, enough already.  All I can say is that.  Also, considering I am one who has read the books, I have noted that they have turned Dan into the part of Nate from the books, caught between Serena and Blair.  Now I can honestly say that I am happy that Serena is no longer Gossip []

Monday Night TV (16 Apr 2012)

Just when I was starting to like Alexis again the writers screw up and make her take five steps back.  I mean decisions are hard but they don’t have to turn you into a zombie.  A figurative zombie just to be clear.  Anyway over all this was a good episode.  So glad that Castle teamed up with someone else, made me happy, for the most part.  I mean I don’t know what to really say, it was okay, I mean I like []

Monday Night TV (2 Apr 2012)

Well there may be hope for this show yet.  I say that because I think that they are able to bring it back to how it was in the beginning without being repetitious.  At least that is the hope.  Why?  Well because Castle has gone back to being his charming self with a girlfriend and Beckett has gone back to being, well…nevermind Beckett, there is little to no character development in her character.  A flaw in the show I believe.  But now []

Monday Night TV (26 Mar 2012)

they began the whole Beckett and Castle thing way to soon, couple that with Beckett solving her mothers murder too soon has killed the show…or at the very least has created a very early ending for it.  I don’t know what to think about this show anymore to be quite honest.  The writing seems to be static, the plot lines, they seem to be more about creating more drama to strengthen Castle and Beckett’s connection.  However, I think last nights episode FINALLY []