Warface coming to Xbox 360 in 2014

By: Eddie Makuch Warface will be showing its face on Xbox 360 in early 2014, developer Crytek announced today (via IGN ). The free-to-play online shooter was previously only announced for PC. Warface isn’t likely to be entirely free-to-play on Xbox 360, as players must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription for online multiplayer through the platform. Warface is Crytek’s first free-to-play game. The PC … Continue reading Warface coming to Xbox 360 in 2014

Why Warface is called Warface

By: Eddie Makuch Some may think Crytek‘s free-to-play PC shooter Warface has a silly or far-fetched name, but according to company CEO Cevat Yerli, the title could not be more appropriate. “Because I think [Warface is] very personal. I think it’s a very social experience,” Yerli told Rock, Paper, Shotgun. “Yes, it’s a very strange word combination, but I wanted to express that it’s a … Continue reading Why Warface is called Warface