ghost prison

Week 34 2012 Pt. 2

Teen Titans #12 Armored Up & Out Ultimately, Cassie should end up with Tim. I know! I’m such a wishy-washy some times (don’t judge – I’m a chick). now that being said this is a geisha you. I really like the character development and I love kid flash. he simply an adorable character. it’s a great teen you have Kid Flash, Bunker & solstice who all balance each other out and then you have Red Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl who equally []

Week 25 2012 Pt. 2

Nightwing #10 The Tomorrow People I really like the direction this comic is going. Still getting used to the red on Nightwings costume but I like it. Also like how he is still a super boy scout. It’s adorable. This issue was very good because you have him using hiatus funds to repair an amusement park. He really is following in Brucr’s foot prints which is amazing. That’s why I love it. The writing in this comic is good. However, considering we []