Week 16 2013

Justice League #19 War Games The new atom is a girl.  I have to say, I am impressed with that.  It was a great way to gender swap the characters.  The show of development in Jason and referencing his past demise at the hands of the Joker (please introduce yourself to that original comic – it’s awesome), was really well written.  It was small, but the dialogue on those few pages with the pair of them was good.  Then there was the []

Week 6 2013

Phantom Stranger #5 Noble Revenge I swear, everything about this comic echoes the story of Judas and Jesus, I find it difficult to think otherwise, and it’s because of that aspect of the story that I love.  The hint at a religious text incorporated into a comic book and given a twist is amazing.  It offers a great plot and amazing character development and interesting insights into what the trinity of sin.  It’s also interesting to see how the Spectre plays into []

Week 4 2013 Pt. 2

Blue Beetle #16 Bufferworld He better be okay or I am going to freak out!  Now, that aside, I am interesting how this is going to play out in the Threshold comic.  I love the Blue Beetle comic and I love how grown up Jaime is for his age.  He takes charge and is able to hold his own as well as think on his feet.  That’s one of the main reasons why I love this comic, because of the great characterization.  []

Week 34 2012 Pt. 2

Teen Titans #12 Armored Up & Out Ultimately, Cassie should end up with Tim. I know! I’m such a wishy-washy some times (don’t judge – I’m a chick). now that being said this is a geisha you. I really like the character development and I love kid flash. he simply an adorable character. it’s a great teen you have Kid Flash, Bunker & solstice who all balance each other out and then you have Red Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl who equally []

Week 23 2012

Red Lanterns #10 Two Lanterns Good issue, but the artwork sucked.  After reading this issue though I have decided that I am not pleased with the Stormwatch, in fact, I don’t like them at all.  Okay, I like the Red Lanterns, and I have liked the comic so far, but my problem isn’t just this comic.  Why the hell is DC destroying all the central batteries.  They introduce all these cool characters with deep stories and what, now they are just going []

Week 14 2012

Week 14 2012 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Red Lantern #8 Death on Ysmault Good comic, I like, overall, how it was written except I feel as though it is beginning to lose it’s spark.  What I mean is, it’s a good comic, I love it and I’m not going to stop buying it because I like the plot and the over all characters but I am having trouble adapting to the new red lantern, he’s character, the way he is written []