James Carpinello

Monday Night TV (3 Dec 2012)

So this episode took a very interesting turn.  It was following the cast from a supernatural aspect, as in the entire episode, up until the last 5 minutes was from the point of view of the victims remains, as though the spirit was watching the case the entire time.  I have to say, the intention of this episode was challenging.  It felt as thought it was very limiting, and it was, the show was limited to whenever the skull of the victim []

Monday Night TV (26 Nov 2012)

Now this was a very good episode.   The plot twist of Frano (James Carpinello) being an undercover fed was interesting.  I was wondering what they were going to do with him.  However, that being said, that throws the question up in the air of if he really likes Grace (Jordana Spiro) or not.  I think he does, considering how much he has risked for her, but it could go either way, leading up to yet another possible plot twist.  The escort service []