Vote for Big Bang in Hangul Smart Domain Organization’s Popularity Poll!

Hangul Smart Domain Organization‘s popularity poll for male K-pop groups is now open. The winners in this poll will be part of the first groups to have special website URLs or domains in Hangul (Korean characters). Last May, they held a poll for girl groups and the top 3 that were awarded with Hangul domains are SNSD (http://소녀시대.홈), Kara (http://카라.홈) and the Wonder Girls (http://원더걸스.홈). Aside from .홈 (.home) URLs, their fanclub pages were also given .팬 (.fan) domains. If BIGBANG wins, []

Big Bang to perform at ‘A-Nation’ Music Festival on August 26 [NEWS]

A-Nation is a yearly music festival organized by Avex featuring its most popular artists. The format for this year’s festival includes a “Music Week” from August 3 to 12 at the Yoyogi Gymnasium and a “Stadium Fes” from August 18 to 19 at the Nagai Stadium in Osaka and August 25 to 26 at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo. BIGBANG is scheduled to perform on the 26th in Tokyo. Other South Korean artists participating in the “Stadium Fes” event are Tohoshinki (Aug []

Big Bang members look like ‘X-Men’ in new music video? [NEWS]

Five-member idol group Big Bang is getting a lot of attention from recently-released pictures that remind people of the movie X-Men. On May 28th, Big Bang’s agency, YG Entertainment, released pictures of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri on its official blog, YG Life. The pictures were captured from the music video of the group’s new song “Monster”. In the pictures, the group members show off their charisma through their costumes, hairstyles and makeup. T.O.P, with his cold face and a black []

Grammy: "The K-Pop Explosion" [NEWS]

By: Jon Matsumoto (a Los Angeles-based freelance writer). Korean artists such as Girls’ Generation and Big Bang are making international music waves. While South Korea is a vital part of the growing economic boom in Asia, the country of nearly 50 million people is exporting more than just consumer electronics and cars these days. Its native popular music, universally known as K-pop, is also finding a growing international audience in places such as the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and South []

Taeyang and Big Bang featured in K-pop book, "K-pop: Mesmerizing the World" [NEWS]

From a recently published book on Kpop titled K-pop: Mesmerizing the World (People Who Make K-pop) written by Boda webzine editor Kim Hak Seon: “- Taeyang Solar (2010) Solar is the first full-length album by Taeyang, who had, two years earlier, done something rare for an idol group member. With his Hot EP, he had broken through and caught not only the attention of fans, but the attention of critics as well. This full-length album thoroughly satisfied those expectations. In addition to []

Jeju Airlines Big Bang plane has taken off [PHOTOS/NEWS]

BLOGGERS NOTE: I need to be on this plane… Jeju Airlines’ Big Bang Aircraft, a plane with K-Pop stars Big Bang’s photo on it, has taken off on the 30th. For Big Bang’s contract with Jeju Airlines, they put a photo of Big Bang on the outer surface of the plane and it took off from Gimpo to Jeju. Big Bang will be using Jeju Airlines for their Japanese tour, starting in May. Information from Mini Today Source: bigbangupdates.com

K-POP: 5 Bands Looking to Smash UK/US Charts

If you take a look at the music charts today, it’s rare to see a Top 10 that isn’t filled with glossy American popstars who just want to dance on the floor/party rock/put their hands up/raise their glass (I could keep on going) so sometimes it’s healthy to take a look at things from the other side of the world. Over in South Korea, China and Japan it is very rare for any of the artists we take for granted to dominate the charts considering these countries are each filled with their own pop culture. Cracking the east Asian market is the equivalent of British musicians trying to crack America – near on impossible. You may think ‘What’s the point? I’ve never heard of any of these people and the only ones listening to them are those crazy asian kids who stay on chatrooms all day’ but with a higher company revenue rate from digital sales that the USA plus South Korea becoming a huge base for homegrown talent (currently the 11th biggest music market in the world and gaining fast) as well as interest from American producers, it won’t be long before the Popstars of East Asia become the Popstars of the World.

K-Pop or Korean Pop as is its full name, is perhaps the biggest musical genre in the Asian markets and it’s startling to see how pop music is made here not to mention how good it is. Largely girlbands and boybands, they’re trained from a very young age and nurtured in terms of singing, style and dance so when they do hit the big time they’re fully fledged triple threats (plus many of them can pop-rap quite convincingly too). The girls generally fit one of two moulds – girly or sexy (but not in a ‘look-little-girls-i’m-a-hooker’ kinda way) – whilst the guys tend to be highly androgynous (which definitely isn’t in the USA or UK mainstream mindset when it comes to male representation) and all of the videos are extreme high-gloss affairs with dynamite dance routines which would have bands like The Saturdays or One Direction quivering in fear. Most try to break into the Japanese market and sing whole albums in Japanese as well as their native Korean plus the ability to sing in english now the Western markets are in their sights. Fan culture is a huge huge thing in K-Pop and has been for years before everyone over here cottoned on to it – no, Lady GaGa’s Little Monsters weren’t the first big fan group with their own identity you silly sausage. GaGa is in fact one of the few to crack this market because she gets it; what some here feel is OTT and attention-seeking is totally normal for fans of K-Pop. With that in mind, let me give you a head’s up – here’s three girlbands and two boybands big in K-Pop you could very well be hearing more of in the future:

F.CUZ releases their new mini-album, ‘For Century Ultimate Zest’

By: leesa86 F.CUZ is back after a year and a half with their newest mini-album ‘For Century Ultimate Zest‘! With the addition of two new members, the boys are ready to win the hearts of their fans with various appeals, and their sound proves how much they have grown as musicians during their time away from the music scene. Check out their new songs here, and pick your favorite (if you can)! Source: allkpop.com

Big Bang’s T.O.P can’t take his eyes off of miss A’s Suzy?

By: yksung Big Bang‘s T.O.P can’t seem to take his eyes off of miss A‘s Suzy. On April 26th, during the ‘Paeksang Arts Awards‘ awards ceremony, T.O.P was in charge of awarding Suzy with the “Best Female Rookie Actress” award for her role in the movie ‘Introduction to Architecture.’ As Suzy made her way across the stage to receive her award, T.O.P seemed to have fallen for her cute and innocent charm. A picture compilation (seen below) of T.O.P observing Suzy as []

Big Bang’s staying power, “Fantastic Baby” in Top 10 on music charts for 10 consecutive weeks [NEWS]

Big Bang once again proves that they are the kings of K-Pop. Their fifth mini-album ‘ALIVE‘ has been acknowledged for its strong staying power, as “Fantastic Baby” still remains on the charts 10 weeks after its release. ”Fantastic Baby” is #8 on Melon, #9 on Mnet.com and #10 on Olleh Music. Representatives from the music industry remarked, “In the music market, new albums get shuffled around and the life span of songs on music charts are extremely short. There are many songs []