Molly Quinn

Review/Recap Castle | ‘Child’s Play’ (Season 7, #4)

Castle does it again! Combining excellent moments of humor and police drama, this show continues to be as entertaining as its first season.

Monday Night TV (16 Jan 2012)

Good episode.  I have to say, though, that compared to the other seasons, this show has become a bit to serious for my liking.  I mean I still like it, but it’s not the way it used to be and Alexis (played by Molly Quinn), oh my god, that girl needs to get a freaking life.  I am tired of her, I’ve been tired of her for the past 2 seasons.  I don’t like her character at all anymore, she has no []

Monday Night TV (28 Mar 2011)

Oh boy.  I hadn’t even known that new episodes were picking up already.  Whew!  So glad I was already set to watch a rerun that I changed it to this channel.  Anyway, great episode.  I loved it!  Alexis kind of pissed me off though.  I mean yeah, Castle invaded his daughters privacy but she had lied and then she yelled at him to prevent herself from getting yelled at.  It was just stupid.  I was pissed off at her fore that.  She []