Wednesday Night TV (22 Feb 2012)

Hilarious.  This was a good episode.  I liked the character development and chemistry within the show.  I really loved it.  This is a great show.  I love the chemistry between George and Dallas.  I can’t wait to see how it progresses.  Once again though I must commend the writing for the narration.  Now and days shows do awful jobs with them but with this show I really feel as though I’m in the head of a teenage girl.  Just saying.  Wednesdays @ []

Monday Night TV [cont] (13 Feb 2012)

Great episode.  I kind of loved how they ended this one differently than the others and OMG I loved the comic book references even more.  Does that surprise you?  It shouldn’t cause I am a major comic book geek.  In any case I loved this episode.  It was well thought out story wise and I liked how me got to see more into Sam Neill’s character, Houser as well as his strong connection with Lucille Banerjee aka Lucille Sengupta.  Like I said, []

Monday Night TV (6 Fed 2012)

Lemon needs to eat something, at least the actress that plays her needs to eat something.  Anyway it was a great episode, I really thought that Wade was going to confess his feelings to Zoe,  but no, he played with her, totally psyched her out.  Anyway it was a good episode, I really liked it.  The ending though, whoa, poor Lavon man, I hope that this does not ruin his new relationship and finally, Lemon told her fiancé everything…well except that she []

Monday Night TV [cont.] (30 Jan 2012)

This was a good episode, I really enjoyed watching it.  I feel bad for Zoe because she only wants a girl friend and that’s understandable.  I still loved this show, it was a charming night, I will admit that.  I really enjoy this show.  I will say this one again though, the actress who plays Lemon needs to eat something, I find it quite frightening to be seeing her bones through through her clothes.  She looks anorexic, I’m simply voicing my opinions.  []

Wednesday Night TV (18 Jan 2012)

Hilarious show!!  I love it so much.  The narration in the show is not cheesy at all and completely realistic.  That’s my favorite part of the show the fact that the writers were able to do make believable.  In any case, this is a funny and great show.  I love the acting as well as the story lines.  It’s not outlandish, instead believable even though not truly realistic.  Great show.  Wednesdays @ 830PM EST on ABC. HILARIOUS!!! Oh my god I love []