Monday Night TV (1 Apr 2013)

Gimmick episode.  I mean that was totally a gimmick episode.  I think it’s time to one last season when a show resorts to gimmicks like Judge Judy.  I mean really, I can’t understand it and I don’t like it.  And once again, the ending, predictable.  8 seasons, I give the writers waiting this long to introduce a gimmick but then again, they should not have thought that that would work.  This show as already renewed for a 9th season but I don’t think []

Tuesday Night TV (26 Mar 2013)

Not thrilled with Tom (Christian Borle) and how his character is has been in recent episodes.  He  comes off as very selfish and I’m not a fan of the way that he isn’t really listening to Julia (Debra Messing a) and wants the show to be more of what he envisioned versus a masterpiece that she worked.  Granted, not totally his fault, Eileen (Anjelica Huston) played a part in it.  But together with Ivy (Megan Hilty), he is pushing Julia out of her []

Tuesday Night TV (5 Feb 2013)

I love this show.  The tension of it was very built up.  The fact that everyone loves Shelby and that Lemons plan totally backfired which I was glad for.  That brings me to Lemon (Jaime King) she is not a good person, at all.  She tries to be, but only on face value, making her unbearable to watch.  Also, she needs to eat something, and this is coming from a girl who weighs 102lbs.  Too much info, I know.  It just bothers []

Thursday Night TV (17 Jan 2013)

Another good night if you ask me.  I liked the acting, I mean these guys really are good at their parts and at what they do.  I mean it really is a good show, but it’s starting to stretch.  The stories are becoming a little slow and the tension and stakes are becoming repetitive.  This is a good show, and I do enjoy watching it, but it feels like it’s stretching.  It’s becoming repetitive, just like this little review here.  Sorry about []

Jay Park to Host “Saturday Night Live Korea” This Week

By: thunderstix Jay Park has been selected as the next host for the popular live comedy show, “Saturday Night Live Korea (SNL Korea).” According to local reports, Jay Park will host the December 1 show of “SNL Korea,” and show off his many skills in stand-up comedy and acting. In particular, it’s being reported that he’s ready to shed his “idol image” for a more “adult-content-suited” character for this show. Jay Park is known to be a huge fan of the original []

Monday Night TV (26 Nov 2012)

Now this was a very good episode.   The plot twist of Frano (James Carpinello) being an undercover fed was interesting.  I was wondering what they were going to do with him.  However, that being said, that throws the question up in the air of if he really likes Grace (Jordana Spiro) or not.  I think he does, considering how much he has risked for her, but it could go either way, leading up to yet another possible plot twist.  The escort service []

Monday Night TV (19 Oct 2012)

I love this show a lot .  It was very interesting the direction this one went to.  It was pretty hilarious and I like the fact that Soroyan (played by Tamara Taylor) and the guy, spacing on name, are dating.  They have great chemistry and are genius.  Another thing that I loved about this episode was how out of place Temperance (played by Emily Deschanel) was in herself.  The characters are always evolving, especially hers which has always been a bit dull considering []

Sunday Night TV (11 Nov 2012)

This episode felt a little sopra-ish, I mean I still enjoyed watching it, but the acting, over all, felt a little overplayed and it felt like they were trying a bit hard to be so emotional.  Oh, and the mob, yeah that was hilarious and not that well done.  But what I liked was the fact that we got to see a lot of character and story development on Red which was  incredibly good to see.  The dream aspect of the show []

Monday Night TV (5 Nov 2012)

LMAO, Nathan Fillian said “that Josh Whedon show” which, fans should know is Firefly. What a way to start of this episode.   Oh my gosh, I mean, yeah, I’m one of those fans, like one of those fans who goes to those conventions and oh my god this was by far the best episode of the season!  it was totally geeky and cheesy and I highlighted all the intensity that goes with these fandoms, and it did it justly.  I loved []

Friday Night TV (9 Nov 2012)

I love this show so much. I mean this really is such a great show. I love how Olivia (played by Anna Torv) and Peter (played by Joshua Jackson) have changed and grown since the first episode and this episode really highlighted it. The death of their daughter has really affected the pair of them, but not only them, Walter (played by John Noble) as well. It was a pleasant change to see how he was affected with this. I mean this []