Monday Night TV (5 Nov 2012)

Jack the Ripper. Sorry, as much as it was an interesting story and quite simply amazing, I could not take it seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I am fascinated with Jack the Ripper, fun fact, he murdered his victim on August 31 which just so happens to be my birthday. Beside that point, I was very interested in watching what this show had to offer. I have to say I love this show, Emily Deschanel is amazing and well, I just love []

Friday Night TV (2 Nov 2012)

Wow, so Peter really lost it. I mean I can’t blame him, he is a genius and he did just lose his daughter, but the extremes that he went to in order to try to save humanity was intense. I mean I was practically biting my nails as I watched this episode, I mean it was just so intense, I could not help but keep my eyes intact on it. This show, in my opinion just keeps getting better and better, and []

Tuesday Night TV (30 Oct 2012)

Oh my lord, they should just make it official that they are dating now cause, let’s face it, they are. And it was good that between the pair of them, that was established. I love the introduction of the girl who is totally going to be George’s new thing. So far, I like her. She has a strong characterization that already makes her incredibly different from both Lemon and Zoe, which I think the writers and casting directors were going for. And []

Monday Night TV (29 Oct 2012)

Wow, so I was expecting a way worse scenario than what was handed to me.  But over all, oh my god, this was such a great episode.  Hopefully you’ve all seen the Wizard of Oz, the original movie.  Okay well remember the scene where she melts the Queen and all her minions were like “yay!” and thanking Dorothy, well, yeah, that was this episode because the head guy, he was absolutely insane, I mean the guy was crazy, that was a thing.  []

Friday Night TV (19 Oct 2012)

So that took multiple personalities to another level. It was great. The scientific structure and character design was amazing. CGI effects need to be worked on a bit more, but over all, I like it. It’s very amazing. I love this show. Missed Rosalee but the interaction between Monroe and the Captain, yeah that was amazing. On another note, the plot twist carried from last season is amazing. It allows for a lot of tension to build up, and I mean a []

Monday Night TV (15 Oct 2012)

Wow. That as hilarious! Oh my god, I mean I loved that. It was just like the humor in this episode. It was awesome. I loved it just like the old days. There was a lot of humor here and the writing was great. I kinda adore the fact that they are finally together but the shooting star thing at the end was incredibly cheesy. Also, the fact the Ryan now knows is kinda awesome. I am starting to love to love []

Friday Night TV (12 Oct 2012)

Okay, that twist, I did not see coming quite honestly. I honestly thought that the father was to blame for the whole fiasco with everything that was going on. It was pretty intense. Brilliantly done episode. The acting was phenomenal and the story was just awesome. It was pretty cool. Overall, I liked it a lot. It’s nice to see Hank and Monroe expanding as characters for the most part. I mean that they are pretty awesome. Missing Rosalee though. I mean []

Lost’s Ken Leung Added To NBC’s Infamous

By: Leslie Kasperowicz Another name has been added to the cast of NBC’s midseason drama Infamous. This time it’s former Lost actor Ken Leung, who has been cast in a recurring role for the “opulent soap” that focuses on a family with secrets and the undercover detective determined to uncover them for personal reasons. Leung, who is currently recurring on Person of Interest over at CBS, is doing quite a bit of network-hopping. He also recently picked up a role in a []

Monday Night TV (24 Sept 2012)

The names in this show are great. I mean they are really great.  I loved them.  Now, in regards to the actual show.  I loved the structure of this show and I like how different it is from all the other medical drama’s that are on TV.  This show is filling in the hole that House left behind.  I believe that this show will be more agile, focusing more on plot and story than on a medical crises.  That is what makes []

Monday Night TV (17 Sept 2012)

Boom shakalaka (yeah that’s light my catch phrase now so fyi).  In any case this was a great show.  However, I feel as though is is a bit like Jericho was, in the style and plot POV.  I mean the cast here is amazing, I love how the characters were here.  They were awesome, fighters, but at the same time, you could tell when one of them was scared.  They were relatable, realistic characters.  And the plot for the most point was []