Queen (Snow White)

Sunday Night TV (2 Dec 2012)

Now who didn’t see that plot twist coming.  The Queen of Hearts is her mother, Cora.  I feel so bad for Regina to the point that I am not really liking this show to the extend that I was before.  I mean Regina just risked her life to save Emma and Snow, however, no one gives her any recognition for it and her “son”, who raised her, even brushes her aside.  I mean it’s cruel if you ask me.  I don’t like []

Sunday Night TV (28 Oct 2012)

OMG!!! That episode made me want to cry.  Her love came back, and she had to kill him this time!! Like oh my god.  Finally seeing Regina’s transformation to the Evil Queen as so heartbreakingly sad.  I almost cried.  This development of her character and the transformation was just so amazingly detailed and intense, to see all the roles that took part in her transformation was just great.  I loved it so much.   I mean I just loved it so much.  The []