Half-life 3 will not be exclusive to Steam OS

By: Justin Haywald For any gamers worried Half-life 3, the PC-gaming holy grail, might be locked to Vavle’s upcoming console, Greg Coomer from Valve reassures you that, “You won’t see an exclusive killer app for SteamOS from us. We’re not going to be doing that kind of thing.” Speaking in an interview with IGN, representatives from Valve provided new details on experience Steam OS will … Continue reading Half-life 3 will not be exclusive to Steam OS

Valve reveals Steam Machines

By: Eddie Makuch Half-Life studio Valve today confirmed it is working on a new hardware initiative, revealing Steam Machines, described as a “powerful new category of living room hardware.” The announcement comes two days after Valve revealed SteamOS, its own operating system. Multiple models from several manufacturers will be available in 2014. Gamers can apply for a beta test today through Valve’s website . “Entertainment … Continue reading Valve reveals Steam Machines