Superman: Action Comics

Week 28 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

Picking up where Monday left off, today I am keeping this review in the realm of the DC Universe. First up is Worlds’ Finest #25 where I analyze the strong and wonderful characterization of Huntress and Power Girl. Next up on the list would be Action Comics #33 where Superman enters his third stage of his infection with the “Doomsday Virus” and how that gives a deeper insight to the control Superman usually has. Then finally we have Justice League United #3 that continues to be fast paced, action and packed and hilarious.

The Dawn of the Dark Knight on the DC Universe!

Zero Year DC Comics has already launched the Zero Year story line in Batman comics. For those of you who may not know, Zero Year takes place in the very early months of Batman’s beginnings, from the moment he first put on the cowl and how he plans on taking on Gotham City. The team behind the series is Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and is now branching out into other series to build the world of Batman. The list goes as []