Thursday Night TV (10 May 2012)

SPOILER ALERT:  These reviews consist of spoilers so if you missed these episode DO NOT READ ON! I am so pissed off with what they did.  The writers killed off Alric!  In what world is that okay.  I wanted to see a return of his good side.  I love this guy!  Not to mention he was hot anyway.  He and Meredith belonged together.  But no, the killed him.  And what they have done to the character of Meredith.  She wasn’t so awesome []

Thursday Night TV (12 Apr 2012)

Upset that this show might get cancelled.  I love the concept behind it.  I mean the one thing I have a problem with is the chemistry between him and his wife.  I don’t know, once again that is the biggest problem that I have with this show, otherwise, I like it.  I find it very easy to follow, allowing for the audience to connect the dots with the show between the two story lines that are going on.  I really like how []

Friday Night TV (6 Apr 2012)

I love this show but I was really sad with the ending.  I can’t believe she actually said no to his proposal but I guess the way that she looked at the ring in earlier episodes gave it away a bit.  I love the new addition of the chick who is working in her brothers apothecary shop.  I think she is a great addition to the cast.  They’re like this team now!  Woohoo!  Love it.  Man this is such a great show, []

Thursday Night TV (5 Apr 2012)

Hilarious episode.  I love the dynamic in this episode.  Except there is one thing I did not like.  There was no child once in this episode.  There wasn’t even any mention to her whatsoever.  The purpose of the show is the fact that they are new parents, getting out of their old lives and balancing their careers and yet there was no child in this episode.  I don’t know, I mean I love he humor and the chemistry between the actors but []

Thursday Night TV (5 Apr 2012)

Great episode, I loved it a lot.  I love Keifer Sutherland he is such an expressive and wonderful actor, I love it because he becomes the character.  He is a fantastic and brilliant actor, I simply love him.  This is such a powerful show and the way the writers make everything intertwine with another story, truly making those connections that this story is about, is simply amazing and wonderful.  I love it.  This show has it all, powerful acting, brilliant writing and []

Thursday Night TV (30 Mar 2012)

Don’t like Hanna (Laura Allen), her character, her acting seems very 2 dimensional and she has no chemistry with Jason Isaacs.  I’m just glad that she was featured less in this episode.  It was a good episode though, I did like it but the wife, oh my god, I just, I keep trying to give her the benefit of the doubt that her character is reeling from the death of her son but, no, I just, I don’t find her acting believable, []

Thursday Night TV [cont] (16 Feb 2012)

Hilarious!  This episode was just hilarious and you know what I am so glad that this episode actually included more of the child and Christina and Will Arnett as parents.  I think it’s really great and I love the pair of them, they have such great chemistry and their characters know how to balance each other out.  Maya is also hilarious.  I simply adore this show, I think it’s really cute and the writing and acting are both very good.  I know []

Thursday Night TV (16 Feb 2012)

Very good episode.  I have to say that I was disappointed by the turn of events, but I guess it had to happen considering that the villains of the story could not be killed yet.  Still, it was a very good episode.  I was upset with Elijah however, although I can understand why they would write it that way.  It was vey interesting and I did enjoy it a love.  I do love the development of this show and I love how []

Tuesday Night TV (14 Feb 2012)

This was a mind blowing episode.  It was amazing.  I mean I loved everything about this show.  It was awesome.  It was just a mind blowing episode I loved it.  I mean that twist at the end I did not see that coming.  I mean I just did not see that happening.  So much great writing in this episode.  The acting was spectacular!  It was acting-ception.  Lol get it?  It’s okay if you don’t it was lame anyway.  But I did love []

Thursday Night TV (9 Feb 2012)

Hilarious!  The episode was simply hilarious, I really loved it, although again I found myself asking the same question every week, where is the kid?  I’m just saying.  Anyway it was still a good episode, I really loved it and I thought it was also realistic.  I mean you are comparing this new couple to a married couple that has been together for years.  It was good, not written cheesy but rather in a good way.  Decent writing, great acting and great []