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Catch up on book one before Thought Seeker (Eclipsing Trilogy, #2) comes out this October.

Weekly Reading List #7

So to be honest, I expected to be done with the third arc of the pretty little lairs series but Pretty Little Secrets was kind of a letdown so I continued to put it down and procrastinate on actually finishing the novel. I hardly ever do that unless a novel really bores me. Just look at my Goodreads stats, I read super-fast…much to the disdain of my mother who says books are wasted on me. Nevertheless, here’s my reading list for the week. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and had a chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend between reading.

Goodreads Book Giveaway! – Nia Dragin Books

Here’s some news!  I just entered my novel in a Goodreads Book Giveaway.  Below are the details.  Remember, the release date of my paperback is October 9th of this year. However, if you have a Kindle or a Nook you can buy a digital copy on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  But this is yourchance to get a free copy of my novel. Giveaway ends September 9th, 2014.

eBooks Available Now – Nia Dragin Books

My newest novel “Blood Hunger” is now available on the Nook and Kindle. You can order either one here. If you’re not interested in the eBook, or are like me and prefer to have a book in your hands, you can pre-order an autographed copy of the paperback version here.

Writers Wanted!!

Writers Wanted!!

Love to write? Know someone who does? At World Light Review we are seeking writers, not just writers interested in journalism, but also poets and short story writers. Check this out for more details!

Week 51 2013 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A. Justice League #25 Forever Lost The title of this issue should have been titled “The Origin of Owlman”.  That’s what the issue is dealing with, as well as why he had his Superwoman kidnap   Nightwing.  He has always had a sick fantasy, to be the one who needed to be needed, to be the center of attention, so far as to kill the family of his Dick Grayson to have him latch onto him.  However, with a sadistic cruel []