The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt.1

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1Um, what can I say about this movie?  First off, the special effects were good, and the acting was good as well.  Well all except Kristen Stewart, her acting still needs to improve and was very 2 dimensional.  I am glad to say that Robert Pattinson’s acting did improve slightly.  Taylor Lautner and his wolf pack have great acting skills but voice acting is not their forte.  Pretty much the acting in this movie was good, except for Kristen Stewart’s.  Now, on to other topics of this movie, I could not take it seriously, not to say that it’s the movies fault, I mean Hollywood made do with what they had.  All in all, compared to the book, it was a tad better.  Least favorite book in the series because it’s so wishy-washy.  Once again this was a….commendable movie.  Eclipse was way better.  2/4 Stars and C+.

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