Submitting Books for Review

Submitting Books for Review

Getting a book reviewed is getting harder and harder. Not only do you have to find and build relationships with reviewers and media outlets, but you also have to compete with hundreds of thousands of new books being released each year by various outlets – who may already have those relationships with reviewers and book review publications. There are fewer vehicles for professional quality and honest book reviews.

I take things very seriously, and I am proud of the ability to review books in a timely fashion. I love to read, and I do this for the joy of reading and writing a review in my own words with my own opinions.  I am completely objective in my reviews, and I read the material thoroughly.  Each book I read gets my undivided attention and time devoted to it.

General Submission

Although I will write reviews of a novel published longer than 12 months ago, anything released within the past 12 months of its publication is preferred.  You can send two copies to the office, and  I will get to it as soon as possible, depending on which books are ahead of it.  I am unable to make decisions on reviewing books from email solicitations, so please mail the book along with a cover letter letting me know you would like a review. Books sent to Cyn’s Workshop cannot be returned. Completed reviews will appear on the website.

  • Publishers: If you’re a publicist submitting a book for a possible review, please mail two copies to the address below for consideration.

  • Self-Published Authors: If you have self-published a book and want to have an honest, professional review from Cyn’s Workshop send me your novel. I would be honored to review your book! I will provide you with a reliable, professional review.

  • Ebooks: If you have an ebook ready for a review, I would love to see your work and publish a review on this site website with a link to where to purchase the ebook.

Preferred Genres are:

Where to mail your submission books:

Cynthia Ayala
964 NW 24th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

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  1. Hi Cynthia, my book Disowned is now available on Amazon and Smashwords. I’d be happy to send you a copy in return for an unbiased review. 🙂 Just let me the know the format you’d prefer, and your email address if you are interested.


  2. You are so correct on the increasing difficulty of obtaining book reviews! Even in the last two years (when my last novel came out) the difference is stunning! I appreciate sites such as yours that strive to keep outlets like this available!


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