Bryan Singer Looking To Discover The Origins Of Mutants In X-Men: Apocalypse

By: Eric Eisenberg


Even though we still about five months left before we actually get to see X-Men: Days of Future Past, we already know where the future of the X-Men universe is heading. Last month director Bryan Singer made the big announcement that 2016 will deliver X-Men: Apocalypse – what we don’t know is how it will fit in with everything we’ve seen in the franchise thus far. We likely won’t have any heavily detailed answers for a long, long time, but for now Entertainment Weekly has gotten Singer to spill a few hints about the big blockbuster.

For starters, it’s worth noting that Singer actually isn’t attached to direct the film just yet. He is on-board as a producer and is co-writing the screenplay alongside Simon Kinberg, Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty, but negotiations are still on-going – despite what previous reports have said. Said the director in the interview, “I’m negotiating to direct. We’re in the process. We’re trying to figure it out, schedules. My desire would be to direct it.”

While Singer is very forthright in that area, when the subject turned to how X-Men: Apocalypse would be connected to X-Men: Days of Future Past he became a bit more vague. Asked if there’s a chance that Days of Future Past would feature a post-credits teaser for Apocalypse, the filmmaker said that it was something that was still being decided. He did, however, confirm that “Something that happens in this movie causes what’s going to happen in that movie.”

That isn’t saying very much considering the entire Star Wars saga wouldn’t exist if the gunner on the Star Destroyer had blown up R2-D2 and C-3PO’s escape pod in the first few minutes of the first movie. That said, if Singer is talking about it now that probably means its fairly significant. I’m willing to bet the time travel plots of Days of Future Past has some serious consequences in the time stream and that could be what ushers in the Age of Apocalypse – but that’s just a guess.

The most significant and interesting details that came out of the EW interview, however, came when Singer was asked about the themes that will be addressed in the movie. According to the director, a big part of the script will be going back in history and discovering the true origins of Homo superior. Said the filmmaker,

“It will also address historical mutant-cy, meaning the deep past, mutant origins and things like that. It’s something that’s always intrigued me when we think about our Gods and our history and miracles and powers.”

As EW correctly points out, Apocalypse is considered the first mutant, having been born more than 5,000 years ago…

At this point in time we know very, very little about the plot of X-Men: Apocalypse and right now there aren’t any actors attached to star. 20th Century Fox has announced that they will be releasing the film in theaters on May 27, 2016, which means that production could start as early as the end of this year.

Source: Cinema Blend

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