Soul Drinker

The clock is ticking…

Darkness is rising…

And even immortals can die

And wither away…

Soul Drinker 3D
Soul Drinker (Eclipsing Trilogy #3)

Soul Drinker

(Eclipsing Trilogy, #3)

THE WAR is coming to a close.

Selene refused to choose between her brother and the man she loved and now that will cost her everything.  Caught between love and hatred, Selene must return home, must come out of hiding and step into the light.  She is the key to ending the Darkness and saving the souls of those she loves.  But Lilith and Evida stand in her way.  And while she’s been gone an evil has awakened in her coven.  Alongside her brother, she must fight the growing evil and unveil the secrets of the past and see past her deepest desires.

The end has come, and it has a price.