Not good BUT not bad either. It was o-so. I don’t see nay plans for a sequel. This movie, the plot and story line had such great potential. Instead, the ending totally ruined it. The movie had giant “Rancors” from Star Wars and Squid like beings hunting us down. What I think should have happened is, we never find out why they are taking us, like leave us hanging. Instead at the end they tell us. All they want are our brains. Really? I mean seriously. The special effects were awesome, there was a lot of action as well and the acting was good as well. But te ending killed the movie .And only threw days pass. It should have been more spaced out, maybe there are humans left under ground were the aliens aren’t going. Maybe even a Rebellion! Come on, that would have made for a great sequel. I give this movie s C or B-. It was okay, not great and not something I need to see again on the big screen. I can wait until they show it on TV.

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