Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Dylan Dog Dead of NightThis movie was hilarious.  It gave me constant flashbacks of Constantine but whereas Constantine had a sort of dark humor and serious undertone, this movie was hilarious, with light humor and jokes cracked out all throughout.  It was great!  It was good to see Brandon Routh on screen again.  This guy is super (no pun intended) talented and cute to boot.  I loved it, the acting was good, the make-up and special effects were good and it was a well made movie.  I loved the dealings with Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires.  It made it it’s own despite the similarities it shares with Constantine.  I loved this movie, soundtrack was well done and it was well done.  I have no doubt in my mind that if you liked Constantine you will thoroughly enjoy this movie as well.  I give this movie a 2 1/2 Star Rating (out of 4) & a B+ Grade.

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  1. Dylan Dog: Dead of Night was an AWESOME movie! 😀 I was thrilled to see Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington back on the big screen! 🙂

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