Big Bang’s heights: Truth" vs "Posted" [NEWS]

Netizens are once again suspicious of Big Bang’s heights as recorded on their profiles.

Recently on an online community, this was posted as “Closure to Big Bang’s Heights.” In this post, one can see Big Bang standing next to other stars, followed with a comparison with those stars’ profiles.

First off, G-Dragon’s profile says that he is 177 cm tall. However, on SBS “Inkigayo,” G-Dragon appears to be shorter than 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, but surprisingly also shorter than the female MC, Ha Yeonju. People are claiming that he even had lifts inserted in his shoes, but he is still shorter than Ha Yeonju. Seungri, who is recorded to be the same height as G-Dragon, was also compared. When Seungri is standing next to Goo Hyesun, there seems to be not much of a different. However, Goo Hyesun is recorded as 163 cm. Goo Hyesun does have boots on, but netizens are claiming there is no way Seungri is 177 cm.

TOP, who is known to be the tallest member at 181 cm, is also gathering attention. He appears to be shorter than Yoo Jaesuk, who is 175 cm. In a photo in which both Yoo Jaesuk and TOP are barefoot, he looks even shorter. People are asking with doubt “Is he even over 180 cm?”

Taeyang, the shortest member, was looked at as well. His profile claims he is 173 cm, but he appears to be around the same height as Gong Minji, at 161 cm.

As for Daesung, his height was revealed as 167 cm on SBS “Family Outing,” but his profile states that he is 178 cm. When compared with other boy groups, the heights on profiles seem to be incorrect.
This is not the first time Big Bang’s height was regarded as a surprise. Almost every month a new “display of Big Bang’s height” turns up. Netizens are asking Big Bang’s members to reveal the truth as they continue to mention these flaws.

Netizens have commented “Tell us Big Bang’s true heights,” “Everyone already knows Big Bang is short,” and “There should be a limit as to how much you lift your heights on profiles.” Some other netizens say “They are short but they have style,” “Why does height even matter?” and “Shorter than me but richer than me.”

Source: Sports News &
Translated by: @kristinekwak

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