Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers Dark of the MoonGREAT MOVIE!  You ever notice how whenever trilogies come out movie 3 is no where near as good as the two previous movies?  Well this was not the case!  Here the movie was 10 times better than 1 & 2.  This movie had an actual plot and story line.  AND IT WAS CONSISTANT!!  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed watching the two previous movies, but this one was 10 times better.  It was an epic movie!  I loved it!  The acting was great, you had Patrick Dempsey as the villain, then you have the heroes, fighting a battle that is so close to being over and you have Leonard Nimoy!  Enough said on that part, not going to do any spoilers.  THIS WAS A GREAT MOVIE!!! IT ACTUALLY HAD A PLOT AND A CONSISTANT STORY LINE!  I don’t care what any of the other critics say, don’t listen to them, listen to me.  The acting was great, wasn’t a total fan of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who replaced Megan Fox but she wasn’t bad, she was a good actress I’ll give her that (and I was pleased that they wrote her part a different part rather than just replacing Megan Fox) and Shia LaBeouf was amazing as always, it’s great to see how far he has grown as an actor and trust me, he has grown.  The special effects were amazing, even in 3D.  I loved this movie and when you put it against the two previous movies, this one is 10 times better than both.  It was amazing!  4/4 Stars and an “A”.

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