Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2

HPDHPT.2EPIC!!! BREATHTAKING!!! HEART WRENCHING!!!  TEAR JERKING!!!! FREAKISHLY AWESOME!!! This was a great way to end the Harry Potter Saga.  I mean yes, there were parts where it could have been more like the book and bit better but over all it was just a great movie that I loved and I am going to see this movie again and again, as much as my wallet will allow me to.  I mean to see where all the actors began in movie to see how much they’ve grown and to see the chemistry just flourish, it was beautiful.  I mean I just loved it.  I loved this movie and the saddest part was Prince’s Story and oh my god, bring tissues when you watch this movie, you will need them.  The adaption was great, a little short considering they could have added more from the book but I mean this was just a great movie to end the series.  It did not disappoint me, I wish they hadn’t included the 19 years later or gotten different actors for it, older actors instead of trying to make everyone look 19 years older.  In my opinion that was incredibly lame but it was sweet and despite the lameness, it was a great way to end the movie and the series.  Everything was just so wonderful and epic.  4/4 Stars & an “A”.

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