Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & AliensGreat movie!  This was such a great dynamic cast.  The story line about aliens capturing us to find out our weaknesses was brilliant and well quite simple, the story was a well put together story that was brilliant and well thought out.  It was believable and I loved that the aliens looked unique and had never before thought motives for coming to Earth.  Truly a great movie.  4/4 Stars & an “A”.

2 thoughts on “Cowboys & Aliens

  1. I was disappointed by the fact that there was no real actual different or cool things happening here. Just the same kind of generic film we’ve seen come out almost every weekend lately. Good Review! Check out my site when you can!

    1. Well I have to agree with you there. I think that the main problem is Hollywood wants to spit out movies as fast as they can without waiting and checking out the recent competition and without trying for something different.
      ~Cynthia A.

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