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The Woman in Black

The Woman in BlackThis was a brilliant movie.  Moments simply freaked the heck out of me.  I loved it!  I loved this movie.  Some moments I sadly could not take seriously, like the fact that he was on the train.  I feel bad for Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter will always stick with him.  But if you put that aside, oh my heavens!  This was such a well done movie.  The acting and the plot line were magnificently done.  The special effects that were used and the tension they built up in the movie was also so well done.  However, it was pretty interesting how Daniel Radcliffe was able to figure out he was in a horror movie quite easily.  Most competent protagonist ever.  There was a hole in the story though, I mean the ghost bothers him all the times but he was able to take a shower and wash off all the marsh slime in peace?  What?  No that is a loop hole in the story.  On another note though I loved it!  It takes a lot for a movie to freak me out and this movie accomplished that.  It had a movie sad had ending, I won’t spoil it for all of you out there, but you know what, see this movie with a friend, trust me.  Heck you might even want to see this movie in the day time.  I loved this movie!  And if scary movies aren’t your think, well you’re missing out with this movie.  But that’s just my opinion.  Enjoy! Smile  3/4 stars & a “A-”.

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