The Artist

The ArtistThis was a beautiful movie.  I loved it.  I mean I simply loved it.  At first I was nervous because it was a silent movie but you know what, it was beautifully done.  I simply loved it.  I love, love, loved it!  Why did they ever stop making silent movies?  Who knows, I mean I do love sound in the movie and I loved this movie.  It was simply marvelous.  I loved the acting, I loved all the gesturing and I loved the chemistry that was only made clear through the motions of the characters.  It was beautiful.  This movie deserves to win for best motion picture.  It was in black and white, a silent film and done so well.  Everything about it was just beautiful.  So much love.  I recommend that everyone go out and see this movie.  I loved this movie.  Everything about it was beautiful.  4/4 stars & an “A+”..

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