Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham_Lincoln_-_Vampire_Hunter_PosterVery good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and no you do not need to see this movie in 3D. The special effects throughout the movie were very well done. What I also liked about the movie was the creation of the Vampires. They looked like vampires, tempting but frightening to look at all the same. That is how vampires are supposed to be done. Now onto acting. I enjoyed the acting and the way they portrayed their characters was splendid. Near the end there I was really believing that that was Abraham Lincoln, now isn’t that silly of me. Over all I really liked this movie. The way the story was written and how it connected to history was very well thought out and planned. Some crisis say skip it but I don’t understand why because I liked it a lot and say see it. Although you can skip it in 3D. 3/4 ‘s and a “B”.

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