paranormanThis was such a great movie.  I loved everything about this movie.  The story was sad but completely unexpected, and the ending was so bittersweet I wanted to sky.  The plot just caught me off guard and the movie itself taught a lot of life lessons.  It said that it’s okay to be different and that one should not fear those that are different and unusual, things difficult to understand.  That’s why I loved this movie, and that’s what makes this movie great for children.

This movie was able to capture and emulate the world and society that we live in today.  You have Norman who is ostracized by not only the neighborhood, but his own family because he can do something that is unexplainable.  But then he learns to stand up for himself, for those that are different, accept himself and teach his community that being different is okay and that fearing those that are different causes more harm than good.

ParaNorman had such a well thought out and developed story.  It was put together well and the animation and characterization was simply brilliant.  Everyone needs to see this movie.  4/4 ‘s and a “A+”.

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