The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Don’t judge me too harshly okay: it wasn’t all that bad. I am not going to tell any of you that you should see cause honestly, you don’t. If you ask me, Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 could have been combined into one movie, it didn’t need to be more than that. Kristen Stewart’s acting still sucks but you know, with everything else being so hilarious, absolutely hilarious if you ask me. But that’s the problem, it shouldn’t have been, I was hoping for such an improvement on the book, which was crap. I mean like I was telling my mom, the screenwriter was problem so excited when she got the project with movie one but by the end, doing Breaking Dawn, I bet she was like “what is this crap? What am I doing with my life?” I cracked my mom up on the phone.

But I digress, it wasn’t a horrible movie, which really shocked me, and I mean REALLY shocked me. And I have to applaud the screenwriter, given with what she had to work with; she did a decent job, she was clever with what she did to make this movie not complete shit. Some of the special effects though, those were kind of shit. I mean whenever a vampire dies it looks so fake because they are working on the theory that they are like stone, except, vampires have blood in them because they drink blood…so it should have been way more bloody than it was. But that’s just me. 2/4 ★‘s and a “C-“.

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