You have 13 days to save the world in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By: Erren Van Duine

The Lightning Returns marketing team is at it again following the three day weekend.

While they’re still holding back on releasing new information, the team says they’re in the final stages of preparation for the full-scale launch. The teaser site will also be seeing a renewal soon.

With Jump Festa less than a month away, it’s widely speculated that the game will also resurface in some form at the event.

Today’s topic on the game will focus on the concept of how they can “touch the world.” The theme is the “World Situation.” Cocoon and Pulse made their appearance in Final Fantasy XIII, while Valhalla and various timelines made up FFXIII-2. This time, the new setting is a land called Novus Partus. However, there is a crisis looming over this world – that is, the world has a limited time left to live. Time in this world is destined to end in just “13 days.” In these final hours, everyone and Lightning will be challenged to save the world in its final battle. How will you think and what actions will you take?

Source: Nova Crystallis


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