Terminator Reboot Secures Additional Funding

By: Sean O’Connell

terminator_34397That’s the thing about the Terminator … he’ll always be back.

Now, however, we’re starting to hear more specifics. Megan Ellison, founder of Annapurna Pictures, has been backing a new series of Terminator films for more than a year at this point. But while directors and screenwriters have come and gone off of the project, Deadline now says that Ellison struck a deal with her brother, David, to co-finance the next phase ofTerminator films, implying that deals are about to fall into place.

David Ellison is the CEO and co-founder of Skydance Productions. Both he and Megan are the children of billionaire Oracle founder Larry Ellison. But their Hollywood output has been vastly different. Megan prefers to back prestigious pictures such as Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master or Kathyrn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty. David has put his money behind Tom Cruise’ Jack Reacher, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness.

But they must agree on Terminator if they are willing to collaborate. However, Deadline says that the project essentially is starting from scratch as they begin a search for a screenwriter to begin plotting the end of the long-running franchise. Given the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in the acting cycle, you can bet that he’d be interested in returning to the franchise that helped turn him into a household name (after largely sitting out McG’s Terminator Salvation). But do you want to see an older Arnold trying to shoehorn himself into yet another Terminator movie? Or would you like to see the franchise go in a completely different direction as it draws to a close?

Source: Cinema Blend


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