Will Star Wars VII Have Luke Skywalker Return To Yavin 4?

By: Eric Eisenberg

Star_Wars_Episode_VII_34710The most famous real-world Star Wars shooting location has to be the Tunisian desert. With the exception of The Empire Strikes Back, every film in the franchise has shot at least one scene in the African nation, the sandy terrain primarily used for the areas of Tatooine, which you may remember as Luke Skywalker‘s homeworld. But there is another lesser-known on-location spot that you can visit as well, namely a Guatemalan temple that was used as the main Rebel base on Yavin 4 in A New Hope, and now a new rumor has surfaced saying that while the production may not head back to Central America for the new film, that specific intergalactic location may play a very important role again very soon.

In a report about the Mayan apocalypse and its connection to the Star Warsuniverse, Reuters offered up a little bit of information about the forthcomingStar Wars Episode VII, saying that part of the new movie will feature Luke Skywalker returning to the moon with hopes to build a new Jedi academy.The source of the news seems to come from fans of the franchise that the news source talked to, but apparently they said that Disney won’t be returning to Guatemala and will instead just shoot everything in a studio.

The best way to treat this news is as rumor. While it is certainly possible that Yavin 4 will play a part in Star Wars Episode VII, nothing has been confirmed by the studio yet. Oscar winner Michael Arndt is currently working on the script for the sequel, but a director has not yet been chosen. Walt Disney Studios will release the film in 2015 as the first title in a new trilogy.

Source: Cinema Blend

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