Jack Reacher


Action packed and funny, two things that really do work together. The car chase was just awesome. It was fast and Tom Cruise, he really does well in action movies very well. Am I a huge fan of his? No, personally I think he used to have his head up his tushie way too much, but now, he seems to be a little more grounded which is good. The reason I point thatout is because it seems to reflect in his acting, making watching him all the more pleasant. He’s a talented guy, especially in action movies.

The chemistry between Reacher and the defense attorney was equally great. There was so much tension between them, so much sexual tension between them that was great. It was built up but nothing ever came of it. WHICHWAS GREAT! The whole thing were two strong characters hook up is so cliché and the fact that that didn’t happen within this movie was great!

I think my main issue with this movie was the villain. It didn’t make sense. His motivation for planning the murders was thought out and structured well, but the reasoning behind killing the woman made no sense whatsoever. I mean no, it made no sense and honestly I found him incredibly two dimensional with no depth whatsoever. His minion was way more interesting than him and that harmed the movie, deducting points in my opinion. Over all though, great, hilarious ad totally awesome. 3/4 ★‘s and a “B+”.

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