Deadly Little Lessons (A Touch Novel: Book 4)

10345708I really need to stop falling in love with fictional characters, but then again, it’s due to the Stolarz’s writing that makes him so irresistible.  His characterization, his pain and anguish is captured beautifully in both the description and dialogue.   So I’m in love with him.  And the characterization goes along with all the characters.  Each of them is so well designed and thought out form narration to internal dialogue.  The very expressions she gives the characters are so perfectly structured in the text.

The plot as well, I mean the beginning just sucked me in instantly.  The revelation in that singular moment jumped off the pages and had me.  It was a perfect beginning that set the plot in motion, it was gapless and without confusion.

The text and narrative flowed effortlessly.  The jumps between Camilla’s story line and the outer plot that she is trying to solve and the blog were tight together perfectly, building upon each other.   It was a great novel, a perfect conclusion to the Touch series.  I loved it.  I loved the adolescent growth, the growth in the story and the supernatural aspect are just awesome.  I loved this book, it was amazing and written so well.  5/5 ★‘s and an “A”.


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