First Look At Chucky’s Makeover For Curse Of Chucky

By: Kristy Puchko

_1369927889He’ baaaaaaaaack! Since he crawled out of a toy store in 1988, Chucky has been a creepy icon of both childhood and terror. Modeled after the My Buddy dolls that were everywhere by the late ’80s, Chucky is a “Good Guy” doll. Well, more specifically his first adventure Child’s Play introduced him as a fatally wounded serial killer whose evil soul was distilled into a nearby plaything thanks to some well-timed voodoo. Since then he’s tormented kids and killed grown-up with a maniacal glee (and giggles) in Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Bride of Chucky andSeed of Chucky. But after an absence of nearly ten years, Chucky is back and looking better than he has in some time.

Shock Till You Drop has uncovered what appears to be the first look of the recently wrappedCurse of Chucky, pulling the picture above from its star Fiona Dourif’s Instagram account. The picture is presumably the cover art for the film’s soundtrack, as Dourif’s caption reads “It’s my head on a soundtrack!”

So the first order of business is that Chucky—while still an insanely creepy looking doll—looks fresh-faced compared to his gnarled look in the last couple of movies, wherein his face and hands were crudely/horrifically stitched up. Has “Good Guy” undergone rebranding, and with it Charles Lee “Lakeshore Strangler” Ray has found a new host? More likely this the reboot the franchise’s writer Don Mancini teased in 2011. If the early reports prove accurate, this one will be darker/less funny than its predecessors. Wheee?

At least Brad Dourif will return to voice Chucky once more. It’s his daughter Fiona who stars as Nica, a young woman grieving the death of her mother when a tiny terror enters her home. As Nica and her pushy sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti) handle their mother’s affairs, Barb’s daughter soothes herself with a strange doll that mysteriously arrived in the mail. What does Chucky have planned for this family in mourning? Nothing good.

Curse of Chucky is expected to be released direct-to-DVD this fall.

Source: Cinema Blend

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