Best Worst Movie Director Will Helm Bob Odenkirk’s High-Concept Drama Girlfriend’s Day

By: Nick Venable


HBO’s Mr. Show With Bob And David was so amazing, it makes Bob Odenkirk’s few career missteps completely forgettable, and after years of behind-the-scenes work, his recurring role as Saul Goodman on AMC’s Breaking Bad is the series’ most oft-utilized respite from tension, and we’re hoping that spinoff comes through.

But before all that, Odenkirk is coming back to the big screen in Girlfriend’s Day, which will be produced by Magic Stone Productions and Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment, according toComing Soon. Odenkirk wrote the film’s screenplay, and he’ll play the lead character. This will be the first narrative film directed by Michael Paul Stephenson, who directed the highly enjoyable niche documentaries Best Worst Movie and The American Scream. Already it sounds like a match made in some kind of strange heaven, and the off-kilter concept cements my interest in the project.

In a place where greeting card writers are held in ridiculously high esteem, romance writer Ray (Odenkirk) is no longer in his glory days. He tries recapturing the feelings that once made his work so popular and ends up getting involved in a trail of scandals and murder as writers attempt to create the perfect card for the newly formed holiday Girlfriend’s Day. Given Odenkirk’s work in the past, this film could get dark immediately.

“After reading Girlfriend’s Day, it felt like a discovery,” said Stephenson. “I’ve been a fan of Bob’s for a long time, and feel that his dramatic sensibilities as an actor have been largely untapped. Girlfriend’s Day is rooted in themes that I believe in, and I’m honored to collaborate with Bob in telling a story that’s close to his heart.”

Production is set to begin in Los Angeles at some point this fall.

Source: Cinema Blend

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