Carrie (2013 Film) | Movie Review

By: Cynthia A.

image Directed by: Kimberly Peirce

Screenplay by: Lawrence D. Cohn & Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Based on Carrie by Stephen King

Starring: Cholë Grace Moretz, Judy Greer, Portia Doubleday & Julianne Moore

Carrie White is the outast of the school, an innocent girl with an incredibly religious and delusional mother who inflicts pain upon herself as punishment for her evil thoughts.  She has made her daughter the outcast an event at school begins to turn the table for Carrie White.  She discovered that she has telekinetic powers, and begins to learn how to control them.  But when another horrendous prank humiliates her and kills another, her rage takes over, and there is nothing that can quench her revenge.

The story has been given new life.  But this is no reimagining, but not a direct remake as well.  As reported by other critics, this story is closer to the book than the other adaptation before.  That is what makes this one stand out from all the rest.  Here we really get to see her descent into darkness, into her anger.  There is no daze here, there is just rage, anger, she knows what she’s doing, versus the other movies where she kills everyone indiscriminately, in this movie you saw who her indented victims were.  Here we saw that she killed all the kids who were especially cruel to her and saved those or tried not harm those that had not been completely cruel to her.  It was a wonderful movie because of that.  Cholë Grace Moretz delivers such a powerful performance.  She really got into this character and made it her own, bringing to this movie to life and filling it with so much emotion.  Everything she does, from reading her lines to using her hands and her body, is masterful and captivating.  Julianne Moore as well, her performance was incredibly powerful, her lunacy and the way she captured this character and brought it to life was great.  The pair of them, coupled with the ensemble cast made this movie stand out.  From the bad girl to the good girl and all the teenagers, being rotten or good or just naïve jerks going with the crowd made this movie work.

Now, as for the story, who doesn’t know what this movie is about.  This is one of Stephen Kings earliest books that captivated readers everywhere, for good reason.  It’s relatable and a powerful story about what could happen when you push someone too far.  For Carrie, her telekinesis allows her to do more damage and to torture and toy with those that hurt her the most, and hurt those who turned a blind eye to her pain and her suffering.  This movie captures the book perfectly, it reveals so much without making this movie about blood and gore.  It not only stays true to the book but also captures more of it.  The director could have done more to show more destruction, to show just how angry she is, but unfortunately they failed to do that.  Other than that, this movie was not only a wonderful remake but a great adaptation to the book and the modern age.  ★★★★ (A-)

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