Wonder Girl – New and Improved – DC Comics News

By: Cynthia Ayala


Wonder Girl is awesome.  At least she is now.  Personally, I never liked her before the reboot.  Okay, that’s being nice, she annoyed the heck out of me and just really got under my skin.  She had none of the spunk or grace Donna Troy or Diana and always doubted herself.  Always.  Occasionally is fair and

realistic, but for a leader, it was an unflattering constant trait.  Let’s not even forget the fact that she (and Superboy – don’t worry, I’m not being bias) didn’t even have a real costume. At times she did but artists, for some reason always took it away and replaced it with the plain red shirt with the “wonder” symbol on it and jeans…not the stuff that really inspired amazing first impressions. Sometimes she looked like a cowgirl[…]

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