Book of the Month – January 2017

By Cynthia Ayala

Wow readers, you sure gave each of the titles this month quite the competition because here we have a winner that won by a singular vote! Let’s give a round of applause to Poison’s Kiss by Breeana Shields! Check out what this book is all about and stay tuned for a featured review right here on Cyn’s Workshop. Happy reading!

Oh, and stay tuned for February’s selection of books.

Poison’s Kiss by Breeana Shields
Random House

Poison’s Kiss (Poison’s Kiss #1)

By Breeana Shields

A teenage assassin kills with a single kiss until she is ordered to kill the one boy she loves this YA fantasy is romantic and addictive like — a poison kiss — and will thrill fans of Sarah J. Maas and Victoria Aveyard.

Miranda has kissed a dozen boys. They all die afterward. It’s a miserable, but being a visha kanya, a poison maiden, is what she was created to do. Miranda serves the Raja by dispatching his enemies with only her lips as a weapon.

Until now, the men she as ordered to kiss have been strangers, enemies of the kingdom. Then she receives orders to kiss Deven, a boy she knows too well to be convinced he needs to die. She begins to question who she’s really working for. And that is a threat that, once pulled, will unravel more than she can afford to lose.

This rich, surprising, and accessible debut is based in Indian folklore and delivers a story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.”

Product Details:

Pub Date: Jan. 10, 2017 Page count: 304pp Age Range: 15 – 18
ISBN: 978-1101937822 Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers List Price:  $17.99

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*Disclaimer: Synopsis provided by Goodreads.

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