Blood Hunger: Chapter Twenty-One

The sunlight filtered into the dome greenhouse, lighting up the stone pathway Selene was walking along as she contemplated which flower and herbs to use to help her brother. She had to admit, she was slightly hurt and offended that he never said anything, but she understood why.

“Hello, Selene. Do you need some help?” Selene looked across the column of flowers at Azelia, who was staring at her, bemused. It almost seemed as though she was following her. But that was silly. What reason did she have to follow Selene?

“Oh, hello. Um, no, well, yes, maybe. Eris hasn’t been sleeping well, his dreams, he said, so I think a sleeping draft should help.”

“Dreams? Selene, he needs to dream.”

It was an odd statement that bothered Selene more than it should have. “I guess, but not right now.  If you haven’t noticed, and I’m sure you have, he hasn’t been sleeping. His dreams are keeping him from rest. For now, a dreamless sleep would serve his health better.” Selene examined the sea-green leaves of a Beluvinus flower. She plucked a few and placed them gently in her handkerchief. Selene looked back at Azelia, who was staring down at the flowers, biting her lip with a heavily weighed expression of conflict on her elegant features.

“Azelia, are you all right?”

“I’m fine, just concerned about your brothers’ health. How badly would you say he needs his rest?”

Selene shrugged. “Quite badly, I think. He looked exhausted, as though simply being awake was too much for him. His shoulders show a great burden, his attitude is darker than usual, and he’s more cynical than he should be. While I find that endearing at times, right now, it’s unnerving.” Selene plucked a few quills off a Dewling stem, happy some glistened with the inner nectar. She then reached for a Honey Suckle flower, plucking it off its stem. Looking back at Azelia, she found her standing still, staring down at the array of beautiful and exotic flowers.

“You should use some Diamoneos petals. The liquid within it will surely help.” Azelia plucked a layer of petals from a beautiful, silver-looking flower. Selene took them gratefully and smiled, very much aware that the smile on Azelia’s face was forced.

“Thank you.”

“A word of caution, Selene. You cannot keep one’s dreams withheld forever. Sooner or later, they will break through.” Azelia bowed her head before walking off. Her honey-gold wings were as still as stone, glistening in the sunlight. Selene wanted to go after her, concerned and confused about everything happening and her reaction, but she had more pressing matters to attend to. Her brothers’ health is her main priority.

Selene turned quickly, almost tripping on the thick layers of her long blue dress. The dress and high-heeled shoes threw off her balance. Heaving up a layer, ignoring the snide snickers of the Reborn women around her. If only a Shadowling would appear to shut them up.

Oh, that isn’t nice, said a gentle voice in her head. Selene spun around, only to find herself alone in a temple-like room.


“You needn’t be so loud, Selene.”

“Who’s there?”

“Must you always insist on using that mouth? I’m beginning to regret the invention of mouths, all because of you.” Spinning around again, she found herself in a round chamber, similar to the training room but incredibly smaller. Looking around for the sound of the voice, she saw the most unlikely person. Jeanette was sitting atop a ledge in a white gown, her dainty long leg dangling over, swinging back and forth.

“Jeanette? How?”

“Oh, you silly girl. I’m not Jeanette. Come on, use that brilliant mind I bestowed upon you.” She smiled, and Selene stared, bewildered and finally understanding.

“You’re using that form?”

“It pleases me. Would you prefer I use your mother’s form? Or Naavah’s? Would Ranita’s form suffice?” She smiled playfully.

“No, no, that uh, form is pleasant enough. Is something wrong? Have I done something wrong?”

A shadow fell over her face. “No, you’re following your path…for now. As is Eris, but those of The Dark are beginning to interfere. My blessed light is fading over you. This does not please me.”

“So what am I supposed to do?”

“I don’t think there is anything to do. Simply stay away from the powers of The Dark. Do not stumble or waver, or you will bring damnation upon you and your brother. That reminds me, your darling Pietro will be visiting, be wary. He was not part of my plan, and I do not know which fates hold him.”

“What? Wait!” Everything turned blindingly white, and Selene returned to the Royal Garden. Her face flushed, and her heart fluttered at the thought of Pietro. Selene shook her head and thought about more serious matters.

As she left the Garden, she heard a slight sound. It was almost inaudible, but she heard it nonetheless. Selene heaved up her dress and got down on her knees, looking around the bushes. A little kitten in beige, black, and brown shades was underneath the leaves and mulch. Its green eyes looked at her curiously. Holing out her hand, Selene let the little kitten sniff her finger. Its rough pink tongue licked her finger, tickling her. Selene was so distracted by the little kitten she was barely aware of Anita kneeling beside her.

“She’s cute, isn’t she?”

Selene almost jumped and choked on her laughter. “Anita! It isn’t nice to sneak up on people like that. You and Uriel both take too much pleasure in doing that.”

Anita giggled. “I’m sorry, Selene. I didn’t mean to be so impertinent.”

“Just, please, don’t sneak up on me.”

“I’ll do my best to try.” She sat back, her legs crossed beneath her. “I see you’ve encountered one of the many kittens around here.”

“How many are there?”

“Plenty. Most of the witches around here, who seek a higher education, make one a familiar. I don’t have one. Do you? Considering you experiment with everything else, I feel as though you would.”

Selene shook her head and took the kitten onto her lap, scratching its chin. “No, I never thought much about it. Of course, I knew people who did back home, but it never really crossed my mind.”

“Well, whether or not you choose to have one, it’s safe to say that that little kitten there has chosen you as a playmate.” Anita scratched the top of its head.

“Yeah—hey, what are you doing here anyway? Shouldn’t you be attending your lessons?”

Anita shook her head. “Not today. I’m supposed to be thinking about my rune inscription and where I want it. The thought of either Larkin or Kyra touching me makes my skin crawl. I know they hate me, especially Kyra. I’ve been putting it off for those reasons.”

“Well, you can’t put it off forever. It’s our rite of passage. Why not have your mother do it? She gave me my fire rune.”

“A special circumstance. You already had three, didn’t you?”

“Good point, but she didn’t know that…or maybe she did. Her psychic ability throws me off.”

Anita laughed. “It does that to a lot of people. Anyway, I haven’t even chosen which rune I want. I could ask my mom if it was fire, but I’m not sure I want fire.”

“Hmm…oh! How about we ask Naavah if I can perform the ceremony! I’m more powerful than those two vile people, and I know the ceremony for every rune out there.”

Giving her a skeptical look, Anita said, “Are you sure?”

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to ask now, would it? Besides, I would hate it if that bitter crone or snake managed to do it for you. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.”

 Anita grinned. “Very well.” Anita looked down at the thick handkerchief beside her. “Are you making a potion?”

“A sleeping draft for Eris. A dreamless sleep.”

“I was beginning to wonder what had gotten into his charming self. Do you need any help?”

Selene shook her head. “No. I can handle it. Go talk to Naavah and your mother.” Selene grabbed the handkerchief and put the kitten back on the ground as she stood up. It followed her, letting out the cutest, smallest meows that matched its size. Smiling, unable to contain herself, she knelt back down.

“I’ll call you Ultima. Do you like that?” In response, the kitten rubbed her head against her hand, its soft fur tickling her nerves. Maybe having a familiar wasn’t such a bad idea.

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Blood Hunger (Eclipsing Trilogy, #1)

Blood Hunger: Prologue

Eris and Selene Sintas thought their menial Witching lives were simple. That was until the magical barrier protecting their small town vanished in the night, attracting not just the Vampyre’s that go bump in the night. Suddenly, the two siblings discover that they have been dragged into a war between the sisters of light and darkness.

Now, hunted by creatures stronger than Vampyre’s and far more evil, the Sintas Siblings must find refuge before they lose their souls to the Goddess of Darkness.

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