Ben Affleck Wins Directors Guild Award, As Argo’s Best Picture Hopes Strengthen

By:  Katey Rich It’s probably time to start feeling sorry for Ben Affleck. From the moment he was left off the Oscar lineup for Best Director, Affleck has been experiencing a surge of affection– and a lot of awards to go along with it. First came the Critics Choice Award, then the Golden Globe, then the SAG Award for Best Ensemble, then the Producers Guild Award. And now comes arguably the biggest of all: the Director’s Guild. Honored by his peers at last []

Ben Affeck Drops Out Of Focus

By: Eric Eisenberg Not only has Ben Affleck directed three straight great movies, two of them have actually been financial hits. Gone Baby Gone managed to make only $20 million during its run, but both The Town and Argo were huge hits, pulling in more than $90 million each (the latter managing to cross the century mark). After a long down period Affleck has found himself to be once again one of the most sought-after talents in Hollywood – but sadly that’s []

Ben Affleck Admits He’s Having A Hard Time Adapting Stephen King’s The Stand

By: Katey Rich Ben Affleck is having, by any measure, a really great year. Sure, in the process of promoting Argo he’s been forced to answer a ton of questions about his ignominious half-decade of dating J-Lo and starring in flops, but that’s a pretty small price to pay to have made a universally beloved, financially successful movie that completely reinvents you as a director to be taken seriously. With Argo cruising its way toward a Best Picture Oscar nomination and an []