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Hilarious, Sweet, and Downright Spectacular | Review of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’

By Cynthia Ayala

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Elizabeth Debicki, Chris Sullivan, Sean Gunn, Sylvester Stallone & Kurt Russell
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Image Credit: IMDB

“Set to the backdrop of Awesome Mixtape #2, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ continues the team’s adventures as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage.”


One word: amazing! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 does not disappoint. The film looks at the characters allowing for character growth while also establishing a family unit for the characters. The movie goes back to trace back the origins of Peter/Star-Lord (Chris Pratt). But there’s more to this film than just that. It had heart and focuses on the Guardians not just as a group of heroes or friends, but as a family. And that’s one of the things that makes this film so good because everyone focuses on the characters and their dynamics with one another. They care about each other, they fight with one another and for one another. They are a strong unit and the cast and crew make sure that that resonates off the screen.
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Out of this world! | Review of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

By: Cynthia Ayala

One of the highly anticipated films of this year has finally arrived and it does not disappoint.  Guardians of the Galaxy offers laughs and heart that reflect off the well written script and dynamic acting.
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Riddick | Movie Review


Directed by David Twohy

Written by David Twohy

Based on Characters by Jim Wheat & Ken Wheat

Starring: Vin Diesel, Jordi Mollà, Matt Nable, Katee Sackhoff, Dave Bautista, Bokeem Woodbine, Raoul Trujillo and Karl Urban

Amazing! Vin Diesel returns bringing back the character of Richard B. Riddick, murderer. This movie picks up five years after the Chronicles of Riddick left off. Riddick is the Lord Marshall of the Necromonger fleet, but his need to see his homeland Furya and uneasiness with the Necromonger fleet drives him to make a pact with Vaako, played by Karl Urban, that leaves him stranded on a planet where pretty much everything want’s him dead. But as falls, creatures more fearful than him come hunting.

Before you watch this movie be sure to watch Pitch Black beforehand, seriously, have yourself a mini movie marathon. What makes this movie so successful is the story and the character Riddick. As king the man is not happy, does not want to be a part of the crazy religion, but is the king anyway. But that power has done something to Riddick, it made him sloppy, took away his animal side, the side that made his character so powerful in the previous two movies.

Similar to the first movie he his trapped on a planet where darkness and rain equate to death, but unlike Pitch Black a semblance of light will not save them. These creatures are deadly and quite unstoppable. But whats more someone on the planet is seeking answers from Riddick’s past. Now that was a plot twist I did not see coming that really connected it to the beginning and made this story come full circle.

The story moved effortlessly, and what’s important is it had a story. It had characters that made you root for them, like Katee Sackhoff who was simply freaking amazing. And then it had those heartfelt moments, like the moments with him and his dog. Those were incredibly powerful moments in the film and brought out the humanity in Riddick as well as the inhumanity of those bounty hunters who are not in touch with their primitive sides, or so they claim. It was seriously a touching and beautiful moment in the film that really gave it a lot of depth, well that gave the character of Riddick even more depth than just being that anti-hero we love so much. I mean really is there anything more special than a man and his dog? Cheesy as it may seem, it was a wonderful addition to the story that did not subtract from the overall plot.

Honestly, a great movie. Can we get a sequel please with ore Vaako though, because Karl Urban is simply amazing. Fourth installment please.★★★☆ (A)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Adds Glenn Close

By:  Eric Eisenberg

Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_37797Yet another massively talented, award-winning actor has made a deal to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Deadline is now reporting that Glenn Close, who has been nominated for an Academy Award six times, is the latest performer to join the cast of James Gunn’s slowly-growing Guardians of the Galaxy. Calling the part “a major role,” the website says that she will be playing a leadership role (similar to Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury) in the intergalactic police organization known as the Nova Corps – which also seems to confirm that the film will indeed include the Nova Corps. Story details are being kept to a minimum right now – as is the case with all Marvel movies in their infancy – but Gunn handled screenwriting duties and production is gearing up to start next month.

Close is just the latest to join the cast of the space-set sci-fi adventure, which over the past few months has added Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drax The Destroyer, and Michael Rooker as Yondu. The new story also seems to confirm recent reports saying that both Lee Pace and John C. Reilly have joined the project, but doesn’t go into any specifics about their roles (the former was rumored to be playing the villain).

Close was last on the big screen in 2011’s Albert Nobbs – a performance that got her that sixth Oscar nod – and she’s been busy on the small screen starring on FX’s Damages. She most recently completed production on director Jeff Preiss’ new indie film Low Down and recently started working on Five To Seven with Anton Yelchin.

Source: Cinema Blend